What are Ancient Grains?

What are Ancient Grains, anyway? Sometimes called Heirloom or Heritage Grains, this particular group of grains & seeds is revered for its age, history, and lack of genetic modification. As we seek simpler, healthier ways to eat, what’s old is new again!

Ancient grains are more than just relics from the past once again en vogue, they are grains and seeds with a robust texture, stellar nutritional profile, and unmatched versatility.  Chock full of B vitamins, minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron, they also provide much needed fiber and antioxidants. From amaranth to spelt, ancient grains are loaded with trace vitamins and protein to keep you going.

KANDARIAN Organic Farms cultivates 100% organic, GMO-free Quinoa, Millet, Teff, Chia, Emmer Farro, Ethiopian Blue Tinge Farro, Spelt, Rye, Kamut, and Einkorn, as well as the wheat/rye hybrid Triticale, Black Barley, gluten free Nude Oats, and Sonora White Wheat. Even those that are not gluten-free (like farro & spelt) are often tolerated by people with gluten or wheat sensitivities. Check out our Online FarmStore to see what's available, or view our FAQ for a list of locations to pick up a bag.

The health benefits of these grains range from a high omega-3 content to a hefty amount of B vitamins and zinc. A serving of farro or emmer wheat, for example, is high in protein (7 grams), fiber (7 grams), and iron (12%), plus it’s an easily digested strain of wheat. 10,000 years ago, farro was cultivated in the Fertile Crescent at the dawn of the agricultural revolution, said to have sustained the Roman army.

Break away from the herd. Discover why simple, slow, wholesome organic grains deserve the title of the original superfoods.