Organic Brown Flax Seeds EDLU


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This little superseed was noshed like nuts by the Greeks and Romans, and is delicious whole, roasted, ground, or sprouted. Add crunch & nutritional punch to muffins, waffles, pancakes, granola, & cooked cereals. Ground flax boosts baked goods like breads, muffins, cookies & bars. Add to hot cooked cereals or blend into morning smoothies.

One serving, just 2TB, of ground flax seed offers an astonishing 4 grams of fiber, equal to 11/2 cups of cooked oatmeal! Studies suggest flax also plays a role in the reduction of harmful LDL cholesterol.

The brightest star of the mighty flax seed is its high level of natural antioxidants called lignans. A single serving of flax seed has seven times more than any other plant-based source of lignans - equivalent to 30 cups of fresh broccoli!

Modern meals, even healthy ones, often lack omega-3s. Flax seed provides a truly glorious amount of the plant version of omega-3, called alpha-linolenic acid. Flax seed oil is 50% alpha-linolenic acid, 40% more than canola and walnut oils, the next highest sources. Most foods have much less. One small serving of flaxseed meal contains 1800 mg of omega-3.

This immortal Greek horse from the Iliad, fathered by the West Wind, probably snacked on flax seed before chatting it up with Achilles. Just sayin’...

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