Lathyrus latifolius, Everlasting Sweet Pea Seed Packet


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The Everlasting Sweet Pea! The perennial cousin to the annual Sweet Pea.

At least 30 Seeds per Packet. 

When these are in full bloom, their colors range from brilliant white, blush, deep pinks, and vibrant purples! Their sprawling tendrils can climb when given something to grab onto, giving any garden or fence line a pop of color that naturally brings a smile to your face (I know it does for us when we pull up to a hard days work with these greeting us!)

The Everlasting Pea blooms all summer long, is drought tolerant, and attracts all kinds of pollinators that help continue the life cycle on our farm! Unlike their more common counter part, Lathyrus odoratus, these have no scent! If you've ever noticed that sweet peas start smelling a bit odd not too long after you put them out to enjoy- you're not crazy! And luckily, our European native sweets don't present this difficulty.

You may have seen Larry giving these little bouquets to farmers market customers across California to make them smile. We want to share the love, so are harvesting the seed and selling them so that you can enjoy these beauts in your own yard year after year!

Type: Seeds    
Vendor: Kandarian Organic Farms

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