Fall Fennel Pollen is Golden at Kandarian Farms

Photo: Kevin Prakhao

Some top chefs have to forage for their fennel pollen. Luckily you can buy it now from Kandarian Organic Farms! 

We sell a lot of rare and hard to find products at Kandarian, but fennel pollen is one of the most special. It’s like a blonde pixie dust. It’s powerful- but floral and delicate at the same time. And it’s pollen- something so magical and intoxicating that bees spend their lives bathing in it. Some folks may not think about eating pollen, but lately it’s been showing up on the menus of some of Los Angeles’ most beloved restaurants.

Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe are the brilliant chefs/owners of Bestia Los Angeles. This year, Ori was a finalist for the ultra-prestigious James Beard, Best Chef award for his work at the restaurant. When these two fall in love with an ingredient, it’s worth paying attention. Fennel pollen is one favorite making regular appearances all over the Bestia menu, but it’s not an easy ingredient to source. Genevieve and Ori work for their fairy dust- they go looking for it growing wild near their home. Luckily for YOU, Kandarian sells fennel pollen online HERE and at farmers’ markets regularly.

To give Kandarian customers a little inspiration in the kitchen, Genevieve shared with us some of her favorite uses for her foraged fennel pollen.

“You can use it in anything. I mean I use it in panna cotta, as a fennel pollen panna cotta….We use it in salads, especially with pork- anything with pork. We use it with our mussels and clams….we use it mostly in our salumi though. Our salumi uses a lot of both fennel pollen and wild fennel flowers.”

kandarian Fennel fronds and flowers

Mussels and Clams with Fennel Pollen Method

1. In a stainless sauté pan render the n’duja sausage and fennel seeds over medium to high heat.

2. Once the n’duja is rendered, add the garlic, shallots, and the preserved lemons. Cook them for 3 minutes.3. Add the lemon juice, mussels, and clams to pan. Cook them for 2 minutes, then add the white wine and tomato sauce. Reduce the white wine to thicken the broth.
4. Once the white wine is reduced, add the lobster stock and vegetable stock, then cover the sauté pan to create steam. Cook the mussels and clams for about 5 minutes or until all the shells are open.

5. Serve in a hot bowl. Finish the mussels and clams with a pinch of Kandarian Organic Farms fennel pollen and chopped parsley on top. Serve with 2 pieces of grilled bread rubbed with garlic.

Kandarian farms fennel fronds and flowers

Fennel pollen
½ cup n´duja sausage
1 tablespoon fennel seeds
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon chopped garlic
1 tablespoon chopped shallots

½ tablespoon chopped, preserved lemon
½ cup white wine
1 tablespoon lemon juice

2 tablespoon tomato sauce
12 clams
12 mussels
¼ cup lobster broth
¼ cups vegetable broth
chopped parsley


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